The International MGG Foundation was made to develop a new culture of the united ethics, with the awareness and the knowledge of the services needed by the disadvantaged persons. Those Services which we could be in need in the future, as we all shall become old too, which our children could not, due to their work, give us the assistance needed or in case of an accident, we could be in difficulties with driving mobility as well as any other handicap. The International MGG Foundation planned, a RESIDENCE differently equipped with skill full personnel for the disadvantaged people . and this on the Fuerteventura Island, (see as attachments).

To give them the possibility of living an easier and more deserving life with dignity, especially to those who are, accidentally or since their birth as well as any other handicap, dependent on a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

The partners and the promoters of the International MGG Foundation are all of them with an ideal beauty to give to disadvantaged people the possibility to live in well equipped structures, i.e. for a holiday period or for an usual way of living, a new social life with the best deserving support for any one of us, because these people are our equals, although different.

Through its financial support, the collaboration and the participation of the International MGG Foundation, disadvantaged people will wholly benefit this day to day improved life.

The passage from a need to the other one is a limited idea. For which the maximum of the first one is the beginning of second and the maximum of second is already the wealth.